Sunday, February 22, 2009

THE GREAT MOVE OF 09' sponsored by clicky clak.

so long old apt...
New apt. with central heating:
simple, na'mean?!?!?!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

change lanes in 09

Peace and Hap New Year folks..
I am officially changing this blog.
Reasons due to either
a: Not efficient blogname "theroddyrodrhythm" is a bit much
b: theroddyrodrhythm" is a bit much, and
c: theroddyrodrhythm" is a bit much.

I will update soon on what the new blogname will be...

Plus treats.
\everybody digs treats.

-on some heavyness./

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Better Late Than Never ever...Pt. 1

What can I say?
Yea it's been 7 mos since my last post. I could give out a list of reasons why I haven't posted, but damn all that. Me and brown bread just came back from South Africa... big Up everybody we met there.. just to let yall kno... S.Africa gets IT IN!!!! Top 5 on my world travel logs indeed! Bigup DJ Statik ( for hitting me up about that record sto info in Cape Town.. bananas my dude. Even though I left my bag of treats there, hopefully my man KenZHero the Hero will save the day and send em on the next airmail out! I gots a gang of stuff to show & tell... Vids and more pics coming soon.

Kev told me I should keep up on my blogs... I kno.. I kno.
New music coming soon.

Oh, and this pic... Just to let u know that traffic is unavoidable.....even in tha motherland.

Friday, January 11, 2008


rich in rhythm, poor in the pockets.....

Man, the new year always starts off rough... having a family too.. being broke aint cute. But shonuff, I gotta alot of goods in the works, so my forecast looks somewhat promising (hopefully). In the meantime, I cannot stress this enough, to support us artists whose music u enjoy cause the game aint the same no more. (For example my phone is being cut off as we speak... gotta play catch up on more important bills like food, heat & electricity...awww yess!!)

I think I can speak for a alot of us INDEPENDENT artists when I say that we have been reduced to the common "street peddler with the handbags"..with our music and getting it to the fans. Nowadays the artist HAS to wear a few hats to do the things needed to keep relevant. My man Kev Brown said it best that 'the monetary (funds)not balancing out with the talent', meaning for our hard earned sweat we put into creating GOOD music & being better artists, the payout dosent match, so therefore making this shit hard as a mug....for us grown folks, that is.

So please support this artform, your favorite artists, or whatever.. and let us know it too. It just might pull on our own confidence chain and motivate us to continue to create that HIGH POTENT RIFLE SCOPE LUSH MELO-RHYTHM TYPE GRIMY SOUL you expect, ha!

The Budget Is Low.

Peep Kaimbr's new Video for VOICEMAIL.
Joint look like a soap opera, Low Budget style Fool!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well folks it's here. Mad treats and such coming in 08'
Thanks for all the bikers and Kaimbr's peoples with the props. Nuff respect!
Pick Up my man Kaimbr's LP "WHY BE SOMEBODY ELSE" . then Pick Up my man Cy Young's LP "EXACTLY". Support this good music and get the Rawkus 50 Low Budget Joints ASAP!!!!!